Lip Lift

Lip lift is a surgical procedure performed by removing a small strip of thin skin under the nose. This procedure shortens the area between the upper lip and the nose, making the red lips more prominent.

At the same time, it slightly rounds the vermilion border (the line between the normal lip skin and the vermilion) to make the “Cupid’s bow” more distinct and expose more of your upper teeth.

This customizable outpatient treatment, performed under local anesthesia, usually takes about an hour and leaves an almost invisible scar that heals over a few months. Some patients may prefer the corner lip lift procedure, which involves cutting only the skin or the skin plus the muscle to elevate the corners of the mouth.

The less common lower lip lift procedure is used to create a more balanced appearance of the lips, especially for patients with thin lower lips or large upper lips.

After the surgery, your lips will immediately appear fuller and more shaped, but it usually takes about three months for the swelling, bruising, and scar to fully subside and see the final results.

Lip lift surgery is a long-lasting solution, and you can trust its reliability. Despite being highly reliable, like other areas of your face, it will continue to age over time.

Lip lift surgery can be a perfect option for shaping your smile and enhancing your lips. Feel free to contact our expert dermatologists for more information about this surgical intervention. We would be happy to assist you!

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