Lip Filler

Due to their dense vascular structure and their movability, lips react more naturally to hyaluronic acid specially enhanced for filling. Enhancing contours with volume-increasing injectable dermal fillers is an extremely popular and aesthetic innovation. Lip augmentation is a filling treatment that requires a small injection.

A new formula has been developed for the treatment of the sensitive area around the lips. Anesthetic cream is applied to the lip area before lip filling. Dermal fillers are injected through very fine needles into the lips and contours. The treatment lasts about 15 to 20 minutes. The recommended time period for the next injection is 6 to 9 months. It is possible to increase the volume of the lips, reshape them by filling the contours, and keep them moisturized. The person can return to their social life immediately after the treatment.

What is Lip Filling?

The upper lip is anatomically 1-2mm ahead of the lower lip, and the lower lip is thicker than the upper lip. With hyaluronic acid fillers, this natural ratio can be easily and safely achieved. If your lips are already plump, increasing their volume may be unnecessary, but maintaining the ratio is important. One of the reasons for lip thinning is the loss of estrogen. With a trace of filler, it may be possible to make the lips rounder, fuller, and more contoured by increasing their volume. This procedure involves injecting hyaluronic acid, which has a high capacity to absorb water into the skin, into the lip region under local anesthesia.

Lip Filler Applications

• Increasing lip volume
• Reshaping lips
• Contouring lips

How is the Lip Filler Applied?

Lips are very sensitive organs, and treatments in this area can be painful. It is usually necessary to apply local anesthetic cream to the area before lip filling treatment and wait for about 15 to 20 minutes. Afterward, a very fine needle is used for injection. The procedure is quick and easy, taking only about 10 minutes.

What Happens After Lip Filling?

The treatment immediately shows results, and the change might be noticed right away. After lip filling treatment, it is strictly prohibited to eat, drink, or apply lipstick for at least 2 hours. There may be slight swelling on the lips and bruising at the needle puncture sites after the treatment. These symptoms fade within 2 to 3 days.

Is Swelling Expected After Lip Augmentation?

A little swelling and edema may be expected, but since the texture of the lip augmentation material we use on many patients is very soft, no significant swelling or bruising will occur.

Is Lip Filling Permanent?

In lip filling treatment, the injected hyaluronic acid filler used for volumizing, shaping, and contouring the lips is not permanent. The filler is gradually absorbed by the body over time. The lifetime of the filling is determined by one’s lifestyle, physical structure, external factors, and the repetition of the procedure, which can also positively affect the results.

Who Are Candidates for Lip Filling?

Lip filling is preferred by those whose lip structure is thin, whose lips become thinner due to the loss of skin elasticity with age, those who want to enhance the youthful appearance of their face with plump and full lips, and those who desire fresh and voluminous lips.

Do Lips Look Unnatural After Lip Filling?

If lip filling is done moderately, it is possible to achieve natural-looking lips.

How Long Does the Effect of Lip Filling Last?

The duration of the filling’s effect depends on factors such as the patient’s age, lip structure, and skin elasticity, as well as the characteristics, amount, and quality of the injected filler material. The permanence of hyaluronic acid filler material applied to the lips is 4 to 6 months, and at the end of this period, the procedure should be repeated.

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