Thigh Lift

Loosening and sagging of the thigh skin are among the most common deformities after excessive weight gain and loss. This issue may also arise due to aging. In cases where excess skin cannot be corrected with liposuction, thigh lift surgery becomes necessary.

Surgery Procedure

Depending on the technique, the surgery takes between 2-4 hours and is performed under general anesthesia. For cases with moderate sagging, an incision made from the groin area might be sufficient for lifting. In more advanced cases of sagging, a T-shaped inner thigh incision extending up to the knee may be required. You will stay at the hospital overnight after the operation. You can return to your daily life after 1 week. Avoiding strenuous movements for 1 month is essential. I recommend using a corset for 3 weeks during the postoperative period.

Will There Be Any Scarring?

Since it involves the removal of excess skin, scarring is inevitable. For patients who underwent an operation only in the groin area for moderate sagging, the scar remains completely concealed by underwear. In cases of advanced sagging, the incision scar may extend from the thigh to the knee.

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