Breast Augmentation

Every woman desires to maintain plump and lifted breasts throughout her life. However, many women either naturally have small breasts due to genetics or experience breast tissue loss due to lactation after childbirth. The best and healthiest solution for small breasts is the implantation of silicone breast prostheses.

The brand and quality of the breast prostheses are as crucial as the doctor’s experience and should be taken into consideration. Using low-quality breast prostheses to cut costs is an unforgivable mistake.

Before opting for this treatment, a thorough understanding of the patient’s expectations and a lengthy conversation with her are essential to determine the appropriate size for her body. As in any procedure, one aspect I am especially cautious about in my breast prosthesis treatments is not making promises beyond what I can deliver to my patients.

Unfortunately, breast prostheses alone may not suffice for certain patients. For those with significantly sagging breasts, relying solely on breast prostheses might not yield satisfactory results. In such cases, breast prostheses should be complemented with a breast lift treatment. The ultimate goal is to ensure that the patient attains the desired breast appearance following the treatment, aligning with her wishes rather than what is simply feasible.

The surgery typically takes about one hour, and the patient is accommodated in the hospital overnight. A specialized bra should be worn after the procedure. In my view, when breast prostheses are appropriately chosen for the right patient, they yield one of the most gratifying outcomes in the realm of plastic surgery.

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