Chin Plastic Surgery

This is the surgical approach to addressing issues that people face in the upper or lower chin area, whether congenital or resulting from an accident. Chin surgery encompasses various procedures, such as chin rasping, chin augmentation, chin reduction, and repositioning the jaw backward or forward. The optimal solution for patients with a receded lower chin is a chin prosthesis. Depending on the prosthesis size chosen by the surgeon, it can be implanted through a small incision inside the mouth or beneath the chin.

The surgery typically lasts about one hour and is performed under general anesthesia. Patients are usually expected to spend one night in the hospital. An essential consideration during this treatment is for the patient to avoid potential impacts on the chin area within the first week. After this initial week, patients can comfortably resume their normal social activities.

In pogonion reduction treatment, the chin area is carefully rasped and harmonized to better complement the overall facial appearance.

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