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Pregnancy and motherhood represent the most crucial milestones in a woman’s life. These experiences bring about significant changes and, in some cases, deformations in the body. As a result, many women find themselves no longer satisfied with their bodies as they once were. Even if excess weight is shed after giving birth, the body may not naturally return to its previous appearance. The comprehensive surgical approach of the mommy makeover procedure helps individuals regain their pre-pregnancy body shape in a single intervention.

Maternity aesthetics encompass simultaneous treatments for the chest, abdomen, and waist areas. The breasts can be reduced, lifted, or enlarged as needed. Abdominal liposuction and tummy tuck procedures are performed based on individual requirements. Liposuction is also employed to remove excess fat from the waist and back, utilizing the Vaser Liposuction device at Payaslı Clinic. Our surgeries are conducted under general anesthesia, with an operation duration ranging from 3 to 5 hours, depending on the technique and extent of the procedure.

Patients can be discharged within 2 days after surgery. Mild symptoms may be experienced on the first day, but by the third day, patients can resume normal movement. Most individuals can return to their daily routines within a few days. The recovery period following maternity aesthetics may vary depending on the number of procedures performed.

To sustain the results achieved through maternity aesthetics, it is crucial to follow an appropriate exercise program after the surgery. Attaining a desirable post-pregnancy appearance isn’t solely reliant on postpartum aesthetic procedures; it is also directly linked to exercise and dietary habits during pregnancy. Therefore, adhering to guidelines for maintaining bodily health and physical appearance during pregnancy is essential.

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