Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery is a laparoscopic procedure in which the stomach is reshaped into a tube or banana-like form. Systemically, all organs from the esophagus in the digestive system to the intestines are in a long and narrow tube-like shape. The only organ with a different shape in this system is the stomach. This is because the stomach is in the form of a pouch instead of a tube, serving as a reservoir for the purpose of nutrition.

Gastric sleeve surgery involves the removal of a large portion of the stomach to minimize food intake. After this procedure, no other object is placed in the stomach. The stomach is reduced in size, significantly decreasing the amount of food intake. The surgery is performed by making 1 or 4-5 incisions based on the patient’s body structure. Since these laparoscopic incisions are very small, they do not create any issues aesthetically, leaving no visible scars.

Gastric sleeve surgery typically takes about 1.5 hours under normal conditions. Due to its laparoscopic approach, with no harm to the organs, preservation of the entry and exit points of the stomach, and maintaining continuity in the digestive system, the risks after gastric sleeve surgery are very low.

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