Under Eye Filler

At the present time, the light filling (Teosyal Redensity) is applied to under-eye circles, hollows and bags which have been both women’s and men’s nightmare, and also to eye contours as well.

At the present time, as both the aging effects and environmental factors of city life, stress etc. come together, it happens to be inevitable that deformations occur on the skin. Under-eye region and eye contour which have a special skin structure compared to other regions of our body become the first regions where these deformations occur.

What are the reasons for under-eye deformations?

Under-eye region and eye contour have a special skin structure compared to other regions.  In this region, both the skin as well as the fat tissue being a subcutaneous support tissue are quite thin. Therefore, collagen elastic fibers of the skin in this region are also thinner and looser.  Accordingly, as one ages, the first skin deformities begin to occur on eye contour and under-eye region. Due to structural reasons, the eye contour is a region that is the most exposed to deformations compared to other parts of the face.

What is under-eye light filling?

Having been produced just for under-eye treatments, at the present time, the light filling (Teosyal Redensity)  is a filling which overcomes many problems by means of diffusing into the under-eye tissue It is called light filling (Teosyal Redensity) because, due to the materials in its content, it reflects the light coming on the eye contour, and hence brightens and revives the skin. Since it ensures the construction at cellular level with the help of these materials it contains, effects of brightening and reviving might be observed on eye contour.

Who are candidates for light filling?

Light filling might usually be implemented to any adult who has under-eye bruises, bags, hollows and eye contour wrinkles. Light filling treatment lightens under-eye bruises, fills hollows, and in case of little bags, it reduces the appearance of bag. In this way, it becomes an effective method for restoring the wrinkles on eye contour.

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