PRP Treatment

It is the abbreviation for the treatment called “Platelet Rich Plasma”, meaning blood plasma that has been enriched with platelet.  This treatment is based on the fact that a small amount of  blood (around 10cc) which is drawn from the person and put into a special tube undergoes the centrifugation process and is decomposed, and then that the obtained plasma rich with platelet is injected to the same person.

If our body gets wounded, platelets are the first cells which rush to the wounded region. These cells are the blood components that contain “growing factors” necessary to repair these damaged tissues in our body and restore them to their natural conditions. When there is a damage in our tissues, our blood gathers platelets up to these tissues and initiates a restoring process, and the aim of the PRP treatment is to transmit platelets to this target tissue far more than that might be carried with the blood flow. Thus, the restoration of the damaged tissue begins faster and more vigorously, and results quicker since the density of platelets obtained with PRP is 2 to 4 times more than those in the blood.

The aging of our skin arises from the fact that it loses some of its physical properties just as it happens in physical injury. Hence in the treatments for rejuvenating our skin, we actually imitate what our body does while restoring an injury.  For example, methods such as the laser and the peeling damage the skin faintly to some extent, and they use this damage as a triggering force to recover our skin. Following this damage, the growing factor is released and recovery process begins.

The structure which might restore a damage on the skin in a most efficient, quick and natural way is also a piece of the whole that the skin belongs to. Therefore, the plasma treatment has been developed as a method evoking this magical force that flows in our veins.

PRP implementation is used for treatments of non-healing wounds, chronic pain, tendon damages, rheumatismal complaints etc. in medical branches such as aesthetic medicine, orthopedia and dental medicine.

For cosmetic treatments, PRP is frequently used on body regions such as the face, neck, decollete area, hands, inner thighs and arms.

The circumstances which the PRP treatment will avail: PRP treatment has been successfully being used in order to ensure the skin’s restructuring rapidly just after the applications such as Laser and Peeling, to ensure the retrieval of the skin’s elasticity and shine by means of restoring the bad results of sun exposure for many years, to ensure the acceleration of the recovery of chronic non-healing wounds, cracks and those cases where the skin integrity has been damaged, to ensure the revival of hair and to thicken it by building resistance to hair loss, and additionally in a great deal of fields apart from above-mentioned fields.

One or two tubes (16-23 ml) of blood is taken from the patient and centrifuged, and its platelets are eluted.  The plasma rich with eluted platelets injected into the skin in form of mesotherapy. Its effect of reviving and rejuvenating the skin might be observed in a few weeks following the treatment. Preparation and application are short procedures lasting 15 to 20 minutes.

PRP treatment is performed by means of applying intradermal micro-injections. Except a little discomfort felt during the bloodletting and the application of micro-injection, no other pain feeling is expected.  PRP and mesotherapy treatments are usually performed intradermally.

In the early period just after the treatment, a refreshment is observed on the skin. However, in order to see the ideal results, 3 or 4 treatment sessions at intervals of 2 weeks are required. After these treatments (in other word, after 1 course of treatment), a permanent effect becomes apparent.

Courses of treatments consisting 3 or 4 sessions ensure an improvement on the skin. But for the continuity of the improvement obtained, the course of treatment should be repeated once every 12 to 18 months. This way a more permanent effect might be obtained.

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